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Photo by Bunny Ware
Photo by Bunny Ware

Kiwanis Club of Skidaway raises awareness about at-risk children's needs and working to meet them is an integral part of all of our activities. We provide financial and service resources through our community events, our corporate sponsor program, and our members' commitment of time, talent and devotion to the Kiwanis Mission..

Since Kiwanis Club of Skidaway was established (in 1988, initially as Golden K of Skidaway), we have supported more than 40 area organizations in Chatham County and donated countless thousands of volunteer hours; and we have provided more than $1,500,000 of grants.  The primary focus of our fundraising is to support local agencies that serve at-risk children and their families.

On September 28, 2023 Kiwanis Club of Skidaway donated $120,000 to 13 different agencies, all who have targeted programs that support at risk children in Savannah.

In addition during the year, the club provided multiple financial grants to Kiwanis International, and the Kiwanis Georgia District.

We recognize and thank our Corporate Sponsors for their generous support of our fundraising efforts.

We also thank the residents and neighbors of Skidaway Island for supporting our Flag Program, our Chili Cookoff, Pancake Breakfast and other fund raisers

Our Service Leadership Projects include Junior Achievement and L.O.V.E. Mentoring, three annual Red Cross Blood Drives and other hands-on projects that come up throughout the year.

2023 Grant Recipients

Listed below are our 2022 Grant Recipients: Scroll down to learn more about these agencies and how they plan to use our grant.

America's Second Harvest, helpendhunger.org

Kid’s Cafe - The funds provided through this grant will be utilized to procure food for over 4,200 at-risk children across 85 locations. Children who participate in Kid’s Café not only receive a nutritious evening meal but also benefit from tutoring, mentoring and supervised activities.

Coastal Children's Advocacy Center, ccac-savannah.org

Helping Empower and Recreate Trust (HEART) – This grant will offer direct support to cover the costs of the HEART Program enabling the following key objectives to be achieved:  Enhancing children’s capacity to cope with the impacts of trauma through professional counseling services and equipping parents with essential coping mechanisms and parenting skills necessary for their children’s recovery and overall well-being.

Frank Callen Boys and Girls Clubbgcsavannah.org

Foundations for STEM Success - The grant will facilitate a remarkable 63% increase in the number of participating children in the STEM program. The funds will be allocated towards the procurement of lab materials, hiring an additional teacher, and partially covering the fees associated with an online learning program for math and science education.

Horizons Savannah, horizonssavannah.org

Summer Learning Program - This grant will allow Horizons Savannah to provide innovative ways of engaging students in educational activities. It will foster academic growth and contribute to the development of social and emotional resilience among students. Additionally, it will play a pivotal role to close the gaps in education inequality.

Local Outreach Volunteer Educators (L.O.V.E.), lovementors.org

Reading Program and Summer Camp - The grant funding will be allocated towards the purchase of books. Additionally, a portion of the grant will be utilized to support the cost associated help with summer camp ensuring that more children can benefit from an integrated phonics and collaborative reading approach.

Mediation Center of the Coastal Empire, mediationsavannah.com

Restorative Conferencing Training for Organizations Serving Youth - The grant will support the training of Family First youth organization staff on restorative practices, equipping the youth with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement these approaches effectively. The program will co-facilitate conferences with staff to work towards achieving Restorative Conferencing Certification status.

People of Action Caring for Kids (P.A.C.K),   packsavannah.com

Food Carts -This grant will allow PACK to acquire 15 food carts, significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the food program. Additionally, the grant will provide PACK with the opportunity to expand their program by incorporating two new schools, thereby reaching a larger number of students.

Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter, parkplaceyes.org

Youth Summer Enrichment Intervention and Prevention Services - This grant will support summer programs for at- risk youth 11-17 years residing in Park Place emergency center. The grant will play a crucial role in helping the teens stay on a path towards high school graduation by offering them comprehensive tools and resources for interpersonal success. By focusing on improving outcomes, PARK Place aims to empower these young individuals and provide them with the necessary skills to thrive personally and academically.

Performance Initiatives Savannahpifitness.org

Elite Minds: “Mindset of a Champion: Building Strong Minds” Program - The grant will enable Performance Initiatives (PI) to provide counseling and support to address issues such as anxiety, trauma healing, depression and low self-esteem. Additionally, the grant will provide academic support to bridge educational gaps, by combining emotional wellness support with academic guidance. PI will strive to empower these children to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential

Savannah Music Festival, savannahmusicfestival.org

Savannah Music Festival (SMF) Jazz Academy - This grant will enable SMF to ensure equal access to jazz instrumental instructions for students in grades 5-12 who are at-risk. Additionally, it will provide an opportunity for these students to participate in the only after school Jazz music program available in the Savannah - Chatham County Public School System.

Savannah Philharmonic, savannahphilharmonic.org

SAV Phil Strings –Ben Tucker Library - Kiwanis extends it’s support to the music education program by funding the purchase of high-quality instruments for at-risk children at Bethesda Academy, Charles Ellis Montessori Academy and maintaining its ongoing partnership with Horizons Savannah and Windsor Forest Elementary. This grant ensures that these students have access to excellent musical instruments, fostering their musical development and enriching their educational experiences.

Union Missionunionmission.org

Magdalene House Outdoor Makeover - This grant supports the renovation of the outdoor environment at Magdalene House, an Emergency Housing Program dedicated to assisting women and children who are experiencing homelessness.

Xcel Strategies, Inc,  xceltoday.com

Xcel Chatham County Fall Workshop -The grant funds will be utilized to procure the necessary materials for the construction of a wheelchair ramp, benefitting disabled citizens in need. This project not only empowers the students with practical skill but also instills a sense of compassion and community service as they contribute to improving the lives of others.


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